They Are Wicked

A Spike and Drusilla RPG.

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This RPG takes place in a alternate universe during Angel: the Series season five.

She clasped her hand within his, neither of them feeling the fire that burst from the touch. Spike, his face filled with both awe and fear of the unknown to come, turned his questioning gaze upon Buffy. Though she knew there was no turning back from this moment her eyes were pleading for it all to stop. Her mouth opened and her breath was caught behind the lump that'd formed in her throat. With a bit of force she managed to allow words to escape. "I love you," she half whispered, almost unable to control the emotion that was welling up inside her. Spike smiled, though it wasn't a smile of happiness. It was a soft grin of thankfulness. "No ya don't," he replied coarsely and with heartfelt care, ".. but thanks for sayin' it."

That was the last memory he had before his world went black. There's no telling how long he spent in that amulet waiting in slumber for the day he'd awaken like a genie in a lamp. Awoken, much to his dismay, by Angel. Hell had come upon him, as he would describe, spending his days as a fading essence without the eternal rest that he so sought. As though that weren't enough he then regained his physical composure and, with little reluctance fed by the soul that'd finally become one with him, he assisted Angel and his crew in fighting the forces of darkness toward the ever impending day of doom that'd been looming over Los Angeles.

His unbridled obsession with Buffy ended that fateful day Sunnydale was turned into a crater and he, sent to the depths of his dark prison, was left behind. It wasn't until he'd sacrificed his last breath did he come to the realization that she wouldn't.. she couldn't love him. It was time to let her go. Time to let her lead the normal life she'd talked dreams about countless times. Without him. Yet unknownst to most his mind was never free of his own dreams. His heart was never cured of the need. The need of love. The need to be loved. The need of his Drusilla. He'd often think of her, sometimes aloud, in his solitude. If one were to search his belongings they'd find sketch after sketch of the Black Beauty who still lain heavily within the blonde vampire's conscious. "It can't happen anymore," he'd tell himself. "She'd never allow it, 'specially not with my buggered soul." Try as he might to convince himself of these truths he was never fully successful.

Drusilla, on the other hand, had managed to attain the high life in Paris after she and Darla failed in their mission in Los Angeles at the grubby paws of Angel. She was through with those dirty Americans and had no plan to ever return. Yet even she couldn't escape the bond that held her to her childe. "Never once, never twice. It won't let go of me. Why won't it just let go?" Dreams she would have -- she deemed dreams -- of her love in his trials across the seas, living in denial of the realization that she was watching his life on her mental silver screen. He was dead to her ... as is the way it should've been ... until the one day she could not escape the vision. He was alive. She felt it and knew the time had come. It was right and she'd lived without his presence long enough. Had enough. It was time to reclaim her Prince. Someone had plans for them, she felt it.

"I'd like to request a song," she said to the cloaked figure on the other side of the table while she walked around it, trailing a clawed fingertip across the wooden surface, her eyes watching her nail until she was near the demon's side. It was only then did she turn her eyes, alight with childlike wonderment, upon his staring gaze. "I want to hear the melody of screams. I want to take that filthy ghost and tear it from life so we can play again. And you.." her hand snapped up quickly to snatch the demon's chin in her grasp, forcing its eyes upon hers, ".. are going to do that for me. We're going to show them just how wicked we are."


The Cast

The Storyteller - t_storyteller.
Spike - railroadspike.
Drusilla - singtodarkness.


Other Notes: Please don't ask to join this RPG as we have all the characters we need. As due to the certain method of roleplay in this place we can guarantee one scene per week that both writers participate in. It's welcomed for people to watch the community if they wish. :)

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