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The Storyteller

They meet again.. for the first time.

"You want my sodding help or don't you?" Spike spat forth in frustration, his face a mask of displeasure though his demeanor remained coldly careless. "I mean let's not forget, mate, I'm the one who saved your keester a nice amount of times!" He poked his finger against Angel's chest. The other vampire simply looked upon Spike with near boredom. "Whaddya want, Spike? A cookie?" Angel asked sarcastically. "I don't care how many times you save how many people or who they are. Rules are rules and as long as you want to play part of this team you're gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm running your show," he paused, rasing his eyebrows, "... again."

"Oh bugger that," Spike retaliated, tightening his brows and turning away from Angel after a double take. "You did a right fine job of it last time, too, didn'cha? Split the whole four of us up is what I recall. You and that.. buggered.. soul o' yours. Fogged up the whole game, ya did." He manufactured a sarcastically positive expression on his face and lightened his voice. "I'm bettin' chances you're gonna do it again."

"Ain't that somethin'," Angel's monotone voice asked rhetorically as he tilted his head, smirking with one corner of his mouth. "And now you have a soul, too. Is there anything you won't do to be like me, Spike?"

Spike's lips pursed tightly and he shook his head a few times in quickly growing aggravation from Angel's question. "You.. ohh.." he picked up the small vase from the table and thrust it violently at the wall, hollering above the shattering sound, pointing an accusing finger at his unadmitted companion. "SOD OFF! You're off your sodding rocker, that's what you are. I wouldn't be like you if.. if.." he struggled to locate proper words though none seemed powerful enough in his sudden state of anger, ".. if I was you!" He stopped and stared at Angel in a matter-of-fact manner moments before turning to leave the office with huff in his step. When he reached the door he gripped the handle, turned himself around and hollered back at the watching Angel, "And your hair is bloody stupid!"

Minutes later he found himself outside Wolfram & Hart, strolling aimlessly down the sidewalk of Los Angeles without much to-do or place to go, looking for something he hadn't decided, a cigarette smoldering between his taut lips. Unheard curses played repeatedly through his mind. He turned down an alleyway intent on cutting through to an adjacent avenue though didn't even manage to make it halfway before a sharp pain stabbed briefly into his head and all went black.

"Mm," came a high pitched hum of approval followed by the appearance of a dark haired woman stepping out into the dim light, eyeing the large frying pan in her hand decently. "The song said you'd be difficult, Spike," her melodic voice, softly kissed by an accent, sang as she looked down upon the unconscious vampire with a small smile. "Sorry, lovely. I had to rewrite the lyrics."
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It didn't take long for her minions to drag the unconscious vampire all the way back to the area where the Princess of the Night, as she lovingly dubbed herself, created a secret haven for all them to settle comfortably. It was about the outskirts of Los Angeles where very little disturbance came -- that is what the elderly owner of the house thought before he was torn to bits and pieces outside while he was tending to the West African lilacs that grew within his garden. "This will be perfect.." the vampiress crooned as she stroked her belly, allowing her deviants to devour the old, wrinkled man. She wasn't into the ones who reminded her of prunes and besides, she was much too excited for the lovely night that she had planned.

And lucky for them.. it came with a wine cellar.

A breath that was not needed to her dead lungs was taken in. "Make my deadly boy comfortable," finally came the order from Drusilla as they stepped into their quiet abode, the grin she held since she took captive of her childe never failing to leave her dark painted lips. Dark, twisting plans were spinning around that crazy little mind of hers.. and Spike was going to be the key of them all. Nodding to the pair who held her key, they made haste to set up their vampire companion downstairs.

"This won't do, won't do at all," Drusilla frowned while her eyes twist and turned about the room with dissatisfaction, not liking all too well with the decorations she saw. With a party like this.. a special sort of atmosphere should be set. "Candles," she said while she walked about the house, ".. light all the candles. This must be perfect." She looked over at Kyle whom was one of her dear favorites and he swallowed in, barking the orders back to the rest of the crew who began to make the area much to their boss' liking..

"He's ready," said Darwin, one of the two who held Spike.

Drusilla smiled happily in response, patting his head gently as her steps began to lead her to where her ex-lover awaited. She paused for a second before doing so, her eyes briefly wavering toward the cloaked figure who was standing still between the two guards she appointed. "Lovely," she giggled, ".. make sure to keep our special guest comfortable as I bring Spike back from his pretty little dreams. Then.." Her smile twisted into a more dark and devious smile, ".. the fun begins."

She walked slowly downstairs, the shadows and hues from the candles lit within dancing and slithering all around the form of her thin body. That's when she saw him, chained to the wall like the mean dog he was, and barely healing from the nasty bump they left upon his pretty head. It was time to wake him up..

"This part is always fun." She moved herself over where her bag of toys were left and opened the red leather bag, revealing to her all the nasty little things she could do to him. The light shimmer of the holy water bottle caught her eye most, however, and she picked up the container and quickly opened it.

When the water was poured a hiss came from Drusilla's lips, feeling the stinging sensation sing to her as the purity water came pouring through her fingers. It was all very delicious, how the good smites the wicked.. and she, she was very wicked. "Time to wake my pet," came her sing-song purr, smothering her drenched hands all over upon her childe's bare chest from the shirt that Darwin and his friend tore open. She could hear the hissing sounds from his skin as she watched the droplets burn into Spike's chest, and through it, she could hear the songs from the stars sing to her..

It is time, a pixie whisper said, time to bring your deadly boy home.

"Yesss.." Dru could only hiss in reply. She's been alone far too long.
Darkness. No sights, no sounds, nothing to portray that which one would deem life. Everything was peaceful in this state for nothing existed. That is until the sobering pain of burning sparked his senses to life with a powerful jolt, forcing his eyes to open and cast his head back to release a howl of agony. "BLOODY HELL!!" He fired forward, glaring angrilly upon his assailant until recognition of her face swam into his mind. "... Dru?!" He questioned half in shock and half in confusion toward his ex-lover. Upon attempting to move his arms he pulled his gaze upward at the bonds rendering him motionless. Reality began to gradually sink in. Last time he was in this position a really bad evil bled him to open a hellmouth. His worrisome eyes turned upon the woman again. ".... you are Dru this time, aren't you?"

A quick inventory of his surroundings revealed no weapons, no blades, no immediately recognizable trinkets of torture and, most importantly, no hellmouth. He felt fearful. His soul was burning at him and giving him emotions he dared not express. There she was, in all her glory, and he could find no words to say to her even after all this time. All they'd been through with and without each other. Years upon years of death and torment not only to others but to each other as well. A bound love and regretful past could be saved at this very moment! Thus he came up with the absolutely most intelligent thing his mind could construct.


He looked over himself -- his torn shirt and tattered clothes that lay on the musty floor several feet away from him. A wary eye was cast to Drusilla. "What the buggered hell is this, Dru?" He questioned. "Shackles, torn shirts, bound vampires," he raised his brows, his instincts ridding him of the inward fear of what was happening. "In town t' get lucky, pet?"
"I am who I am," Drusilla replied through her widened grin as she watched the confusion and fear through his eyes even though he tried to cloak it from her. Doesn't he understand? It's almost impossible to hide anything through that mask of his.. she always knew him better more than anyone else. More than Daddy. More than Grandmum. More than.. the Slayer. He bled with poetry all over, the only type she could read. You can never hide from you mummy, her thoughts whispered as her hands began sliding down his chest before her fingers curl in. What a pretty mess she made..

Keeping herself knelt before him, her eyes slowly lower down over so she could gaze upon the welts forming among his chest. The vampiress' lips suddenly pursed back in annoyance, the expression upon her face turning distant as if she could see something there -- something only seen through her eyes. "You," she starts, her tone dripping with a venomous hatred that went deeper than anyone could recognize, ".. are not. But that's okay," The amusement returns back to her facade when her eyes lift back up to meet her childe's pretty blues. "Mummy is here to make it all well again."

She left it at that for now, watching with sadistic amusement at the clicking of Spike's brain as he tried to piece the puzzle together. Drusilla was having fun and she didn't want it to end so soon -- how long had it been since she and her black knight were together? Long, long time. Her feet moved so that she could crawl to his right side and once positioned, she leaned toward his ear.. barely a pixie's breath away. "Does it hurt?" she questioned in a whisper, barely allowing her tongue to poke out so that she could trail and nip lustfully among his ear. "Sounds like it burns. I could feel it, feel it once that sunny worm slithered inside of you.." The very thought tensed her and she stood up, snapping her rocking hips back and forth. "Burn, burn, it screamed! No one sh --"

Words cut off, it was Kyle coming down the stairs who came to interrupt his boss' speech, his eyes looking upon Drusilla and Spike. "Um.. boss," he barely muttered out with nervousness, his hands upon the side tangling with his shirt, ".. he's.. he's getting really, uh.. anxious. We should do this soon."

Drusilla's movements came to an abrupt halt and her eyes snapped like a snake's bite over to Kyle. She didn't like it when her fun was spoiled. "Should we?" she hissed annoyingly, quickly moving her way over to him so that she could take a tight hold around his neck. Doesn't harm him -- but at least it hurts him. "Let's not forget who's in control my darling."

Kyle knew this wouldn't go well and the fear upon his face became quite apparent, only feeding to the sadist within Dru. "I - I know," he stuttered, ".. but the lunar cycle is going to pass soon.." His eyes dart toward Spike before looking back to her.

"..." No reply comes from the vampiress except for the releasing of her grasp, stepping back slowly while her predatory gaze remained locked. She hates it when her fun is ruined but she was anxious, anxious to tear the light and bring Spike out of his cage. "Bring him," she muttered out quietly, ".. I suppose it's time to start the game. Ring around the rosie.." Her body turns while Kyle ran quickly back upstairs, her eyes looking over to Spike sinisterly. "It's time to fall down."
"No it's not," Spike defended with a little shake of his head in response to Drusilla's threatening words, allowing his eyes to trail Kyle's departure back upstairs. "No more falling down, Dru. No more games. 's time t' let things go." His gaze followed her every movement and his voice was quietly spoken as though he felt he could somehow reason with the dark princess that stood before him. There was little else he could manage to say particularly in his imprisoned state. There were no hints of what was about to happen, not even from Dru herself from which just about every preamble came.

Kyle returned from upstairs followed by a figure clad in a dark cloak, the hood pulled over his forehead concealing the majority of his features save for a pair of luminescent eyes gazing upon the blonde vampire from underneath the dark veil. No words came of him even while he approached the single pedestal in the middle of the room over which was blanketed by a red and black shawl.

Spike watched with uncertainty, squinting his eyes a bit as though it would give him better focus on what was going on. "Y'know, Dru," he said while he watched, "I got the hookups now, pet. The inside works, y'know? We could take the lot and skip out, you n' me, whaddya say?" The shawl was pulled away by the clawed hand of the figure, revealing a glowing thesulian orb. Spike's mind immediately responded to the recognition of the item, making his face twitch in apprehension. "No need for the pleasantries, either, pet," he continued, speaking to the black haired beauty while continuing to watch the unnamed demon. "No sense in the ceremony, heh!" His eyes flashed back and forth from vampiress to demon and back. "Whaddya say? Rob the buggered Angelbeast and skip town? We could make a mil and call it even?"
"Mmm.. I remember a time that you liked our games." Drusilla replied to Spike's little game comment, wild eyes returning back to the stairs as she patiently waited for the party guest to arrive. Her tone remained to be as chilling as the cold air in winter but she simply shook her head. She tried to brush off the crossed feelings that were pouring down upon her like gallons of acid, threatening to burn and turn her plan to ashes as the wood lying around was becoming quite tempting -- how wicked for him if she was to return the favor as he's done to her when she went to fetch him and bring him back to her lovely home. No, things won't be ruined this time.. the stars told her so..

She held back her idle hands for now, her voice sharp, "But of course that was before the Slayer started doing the tapdance within your eyes. But that'll be no more," the satisfied smile that left Drusilla's features came back to play upon her lips, especially after seeing the guest she wanted to see coming down the stairs. ".. you'll be seeing things clearly soon enough." She removed herself from where she stood so that she could linger by the cloaked figure's side, her finger delicately kneading upon his shoulder while he revealed the orb. The instant her eyes took sight upon it's faint shimmer her body began to do a very light excited bounce, a soft approving coo escaping from her. It's all too bad, she thought, that she couldn't bring Daddy home as well. But she'll still be just as pleased when she punishes the Angelbeast that brought the scar to her chest..

As they all stood there Drusilla continued her excited response, trying to enjoy the moment as things were being set. But Spike's constant bickerings wasn't settling too well with the moment. "All oil and water," she mutters out, her face twisting with annoyance. She was quick to move back before the captive.. eager to stitch his lips shut.

"Nothing can be done to make this go away," a hiss came, her hand thrusting forward to grasp her childe's neck the same she'd done to her minion earlier. Kyle, watching the scene, could only grimace. He knew how powerful a grip the dark princess had. ".. no words. Welcome it," she ordered, ".. because your Mummy is going set you free again. It'll be less painful for both of us." Forcing a pleasant smile, sickeningly sweet in its sarcastic presentation, she let go of him. But with last motion she spun herself around so that she could make a sharp lash at his face, making quite sure that her nails raked through his flesh. That should teach him to shush and be a good player for now, she thought to herself.

"Let's start the game already," Drusilla encouraged with newfound enthusiasm, turning around and stepping away from Spike in contentment while she idly licked away at her blood coated claws. ".. Miss Edith is getting bored. She wants to see her Daddy too, you know."
Spike winced and his head snapped to the side when her claws struck his face. He felt the sharp sting followed by the subtle trails of blood rolling slowly down his cheek. Spiteful anger began to well up in him and he bit lightly down on his tongue within a small, defiant grin, shifting his eyes slowly back toward Drusilla.

"That as it is, Dru," he said, muscles beneath the skin of his arms flexing while he strained against his bonds, "whaddya think's gonna happen? Thinkin' I'mma come back all right nice and pretty? Got news for ya. There's an animal under 'ere an' you're about to set it free. Piece of advice, don't be here, 'cause I'm bettin' I'm gonna rip you apart. And him. And him, too." His aim was decent enough with hopes to at least make her think twice about what she was doing. In reality he had no idea what would happen if his soul was stripped of him. The mage with the orb didn't stop his advance or even waver its step. It wasn't working. The grin faded back into a look of uncertainty and the darkness, though he tried to keep it, fell free of his threat.

"Yeah! That's right! There's gonna be a bloodbath! I'm gonna roll around in.. in your guts n' things!" Unwavered, alert eyes continued to watch the approaching crystal ball. "I'm warnin' you! Dru? Druu-uuu! Think about what your doing. You don't wanna die t'day do you?"

The cloaked being stopped in front of him and raised the ball so that it was even with Spike's vision to which the blonde vampire's eyes shifted from the face of the man to the orb and back again. At this point there was only a pair of words he could manage to offer in response to his upcoming predicament.

"Oh balls."