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They Are Wicked [entries|friends|calendar]
They Are Wicked

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Time to tame the bad puppy. [15 Nov 2005|09:04pm]

[ mood | devious ]

Drusilla snarled, jerking herself back as Spike spoke his words. Who does the boy think he is? She knew him too well, much more than the younger vampire could ever know. Eyes speak only truth and his was the easiest she could ever read. Unlike others, the girl learns from past mistakes. Already once did she fall into his tangled web of trickery and lies.. back when he vowed his loyalty to the Slayer by holding a stake firmly against his sire's breast. Her breast. The memory of his betrayal and the wooden point digging ever so tenderly into her flesh was still very fresh in her mind -- using that exact memory to fuel the fire of her hatred after so many passing years. She wasn't pleased that he thought he was capable of pulling that trick on her again.

"Pieces can't be placed together so easily, dear heart," she purred to him in a soothing voice while her gaze wandered about the dark prison in deep thought. Even though her voice remained soothed, her features held a much different story. She knew what she was going to have to do. "You have yet to see this, though. But I shall show you."

The vampiress' eyes reverted back to Spike's for only a second before moving herself over to the nearest counter and grabbing the metal key that was safely tucked inside the basket that rested on top. She could hear the banging of chains rattle behind her as the anxiousness grew in the air, her pause only made for a moment while the thoughts in her head bounced back and forth of the decision she was about to make. It's the only way, the soft whisper in her head hissed, the throne must be ripped from underneath. Her hands clenched around the key tighter. The air was screaming warnings; only becoming louder at each step she made toward her childe. She never did enjoy playing those types of games.. but the thought of Spike thinking he could overpower her was amusing enough for her to bypass that for once.

"You think you can hurt your mummy and run away to the nipping shadows, do you?" Drusilla questioned with heavy distaste as she stood before the blonde vampire, holding the key upright between her thumb and index finger. She was taunting his freedom. Just one little slip and she would be well within his devious clutches.. more than likely ending up like her favorite pet which was now nothing more than common ash. "Well then," she continues, her pursed lips forming into vicious grin, "let's see if my wicked boy remembers how to bite." Without any further words spoken she steps to the side and begins to unlock the first shackle. She didn't trust him enough to do the other one so she just placed the key within his palm instead before jumping back quickly. It was only moments before the real fun begins..

And then she'll prove to him that he belongs to her. Forever. Drusilla was eager to spank her black prince down.

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Genesis revisited. [22 Dec 2004|10:00pm]

"Considering not everything went according to schematic, we'll consider this one half off, miss Drusilla," offered the half hissed voice of the demon concealed behind the cloak. "I hadn't anticipated that he'd reject the ritual so fiercly-"

"I am displeased," Drusilla interrupted in a ghostly melodic tone, softly spoken as a chilled breeze. "You said you would have no difficulties. No problems, isn't that right?" She turned to face him, her gaze a lithe mask of distaste. "You promised."

"Yes, but you must understand that each soul is different," the shrouded figure defended, "and there's no telling-"

She was upon him like a cat upon its prey, snarling her hatred at his misleading words while her claws sank into the unprotected sockets of his eyes. It didn't take long for the life to be drained of him and without ceremony Drusilla dropped him to the ground. "You're fired," was her conclusion before her tongue was draped generously over her thumbtips, sucking the blood free of her nails. "Mm," she hummed chipperly, "what's this?" Her grasp fell upon the body of the fallen and she pulled forth the orb of Thesula cast aglow with a golden luminence; the only physical representation of a contained soul. She held it up in front of her eyes and examined it. "So filthy," her voice deemed. "Disgusting and messy it makes me writhe in agony! Ewwwh!" Her anger toward it was focused in her thrust that sent the crystal sphere against the wall, shattering it and sending the imprisoned to be lost to the void. "Now. Let's see if my new toy is ready to play."

Consciousness began to come back to Spike who was quick to discover he was still taut in his chains. His mouth was dry and his stomach ached; a feeling he'd not experienced in ages. At his feet lay a shallow pile of gray dust which he could immediately identify as a vampire's remains. "Tch. Told the bint," he carelessly slurred. Despite the pain in his overworked muscles he tried to pull against his bonds without success, now left to wonder just how he was to escape his new predicament. The need for blood was overpowering for some reason. He was craving the flesh of a human, unable to be sedated by the mere thought of the pig's blood he'd been living off of living in the wake of Wolfram & Hart. His body felt empty. A worthless shell housing the consciousness of a killer. The thought delighted him so much he was compelled to rub the tip of his tongue against his fangs. "Lookit me all fancy again," he said weakly to himself. "Sorry, baby," was continued upon returning his attention down at the pile of dust he thought was his once beloved, "but I warned ya."

It was then the sound of feet descending wooden stairs drew his attention toward the cellar door. As a trapped animal he watched the turning of the knob, waiting for the entity behind to reveal itself so he might lay his bloodlust upon them. If he could, that is.

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They meet again.. for the first time. [16 Dec 2004|07:59pm]

"You want my sodding help or don't you?" Spike spat forth in frustration, his face a mask of displeasure though his demeanor remained coldly careless. "I mean let's not forget, mate, I'm the one who saved your keester a nice amount of times!" He poked his finger against Angel's chest. The other vampire simply looked upon Spike with near boredom. "Whaddya want, Spike? A cookie?" Angel asked sarcastically. "I don't care how many times you save how many people or who they are. Rules are rules and as long as you want to play part of this team you're gonna have to deal with the fact that I'm running your show," he paused, rasing his eyebrows, "... again."

"Oh bugger that," Spike retaliated, tightening his brows and turning away from Angel after a double take. "You did a right fine job of it last time, too, didn'cha? Split the whole four of us up is what I recall. You and that.. buggered.. soul o' yours. Fogged up the whole game, ya did." He manufactured a sarcastically positive expression on his face and lightened his voice. "I'm bettin' chances you're gonna do it again."

"Ain't that somethin'," Angel's monotone voice asked rhetorically as he tilted his head, smirking with one corner of his mouth. "And now you have a soul, too. Is there anything you won't do to be like me, Spike?"

Spike's lips pursed tightly and he shook his head a few times in quickly growing aggravation from Angel's question. "You.. ohh.." he picked up the small vase from the table and thrust it violently at the wall, hollering above the shattering sound, pointing an accusing finger at his unadmitted companion. "SOD OFF! You're off your sodding rocker, that's what you are. I wouldn't be like you if.. if.." he struggled to locate proper words though none seemed powerful enough in his sudden state of anger, ".. if I was you!" He stopped and stared at Angel in a matter-of-fact manner moments before turning to leave the office with huff in his step. When he reached the door he gripped the handle, turned himself around and hollered back at the watching Angel, "And your hair is bloody stupid!"

Minutes later he found himself outside Wolfram & Hart, strolling aimlessly down the sidewalk of Los Angeles without much to-do or place to go, looking for something he hadn't decided, a cigarette smoldering between his taut lips. Unheard curses played repeatedly through his mind. He turned down an alleyway intent on cutting through to an adjacent avenue though didn't even manage to make it halfway before a sharp pain stabbed briefly into his head and all went black.

"Mm," came a high pitched hum of approval followed by the appearance of a dark haired woman stepping out into the dim light, eyeing the large frying pan in her hand decently. "The song said you'd be difficult, Spike," her melodic voice, softly kissed by an accent, sang as she looked down upon the unconscious vampire with a small smile. "Sorry, lovely. I had to rewrite the lyrics."

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